Psychological Tactics that Will Help You Win in Social Situations

Do you want to gain an advantage in all social situations?

Social Situations

As social animals, we always interact with the larger and varied environment. At some point in our lives, we need something from other people; maybe from a friend or from someone who may be a total stranger to us.

Asking a favor from other people is both challenging and a nerve-wracking undertaking. Fortunately, there are ways that can help you gain an advantage over social situations.

Here are psychological hacks that will help you in social situations.

1. Ask questions.

The best way to win someone’s trust is by asking questions. And when they answer, remain silent and never lose eye contact. You’ll be surprised because they will tell you more information than you ask.

2. Remain standing.

If you want to make someone believe in your idea, you need to make sure that you are standing while the person you are trying to convince is sitting. Keep it that way because sooner or later they will believe in you.

3. Be confident.

Before you start talking, you need to believe in yourself that you earned people’s trust. This makes easier for you to convey your ideas and make them believe.

4. Call everyone by his/her name.

The first rule ineffective social communication is to call everyone by his/her name. This will help establish good connection and trust between you and others.

5. Determine authenticity.

How do you know that someone is really enjoying your company? It’s simple. Determine whether or not the smile is authentic. How? Take a look at wrinkles in the rear corners of their eyes. Those wrinkles are signs that they are really happy. Otherwise, they are not.

6. Pay attention to feet position.

“Feet don’t lie.” When you try to convince people, just observe the position of their feet. If their feet are pointing at you, they are interested in your ideas. If their feet are pointed in other direction, they are not interested in the conversation.

7. Offer choices.

If you are asking people to do something, do not give them a command. Instead, offer choices. Do not tell them they should buy your product, leave the choice on them. Why? Because by giving choices, you are also reminding them of their sense of control.

8. Stay calm.

When an argument is exploded between you and someone, don’t reply angrily. Instead, stay low and remain humble. The best way to defeat hypocrites is being calm and relax.

9. Master the art of inception.

If you want to catch other people’s attention, do not tell them what is obvious. Instead, tell them the opposite. For example, if I tell you do not think about a COW, what are you thinking of?

10. Mirror other people’s posture.

Do what someone is doing. What I mean is that you need to copy a person’s posture. For example, if someone crosses his/her legs while sitting on a sofa opposite of you, cross your legs too. This technique is proven scientifically as an effective way of gaining trust from others.

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