How to Stop Child’s Computer Addiction

How to stop computer addiction?

Computer Addiction

Computer age does not come without a price. Highly computerized society suffers from having an ever-increasing children’s behavioral problems. One of those problems being computer addiction.

Computer addiction effects to children are many including poor school performance and problematic relationship with their parents and peers. These problems usually stem from computer addiction.

How do parents know that their child is addicted to computer? There are several emotional symptoms that are indicative of computer addiction. A child who is addicted to a computer may always feel guilty, dishonest, anxious, depressed, lack of time management, defensive, aloof, agitated, and avoids chores.

How a parent stops his/her child’s computer addiction? Although there are available ways to stop computer addiction, the solutions are varied. In this article let me introduce some basic and simple ways to at least avoid or lessen a child’s computer addiction.

Ways to stop the child’s computer addiction

1. Set a limit on computer usage.

One way of stopping something is putting a limit. In this case, parents should limit their child to using a computer. It involves talking to their child about a new rule or rules on when a child can and can not use a computer.

Parents should also understand the factors behind their child’s behavior. They must know why their child uses computer excessively. Because, sometimes, computer games become a child’s escape from his/her problem.

To effectively implement limit, parents should transfer their computer sets into common space in the house. This will allow parents to monitor what their child is doing on the computer.

2. Monitor.

Monitoring is an effective way of preventing a child from becoming addicted to computer games. The good monitoring strategy is constant checking on computer browser history. Browser history records all the recently visited websites. This allows the parents to have awareness of what their child is really doing on the web.

3. Impose consequences.

The only thing that civil laws are effective is because of their corresponding penalties. This same principle can be applied to correct child’s behavioral problems. As parents, you have all the control as to what types of punishment to be imposed. But once you’ve given a warning, you need to make it happen if the child’s behavior persists.