Strategies for Managing Stress in the Workplace

If you are reading this article, you may be experiencing what most employees are experiencing at this moment’s stress. You might also be looking for simple and effective strategies for managing stress in the workplace.

Many people are stressed out in their jobs. In fact, the report of Health and Safety Executive (HSE) indicates that 526,000 workers suffered from work-related stress.

The stress may stem from the employee’s hatred of their own job. A survey conducted by Gallup’s poll states that only 15 percent of the employees feel good about their job. This means that 85 percent just feel uncomfortable with their work.

This is a discrepancy between an employee’s ideal work and a true job. Unfortunately, the larger the discrepancy the higher the stress level that a worker may experience. In some parts of the world, the stress in the workplace has caused depression and other mental health issues.

Stress could also cause several health problems such as colds, flu, and heart disease. In recent studies, stress is also associated with ulcers and cancer along with other serious health diseases.

If you are working in a demanding job, it is almost impossible for you to avoid stress. But this does not mean that you don’t have any control over it. In fact, there are effective strategies for managing stress in the workplace. Here are the stress management strategies you can use to lessen your mental burden.

Start your day right

One of the common mistakes that people are making is starting their day with negativity. They tend to check their emails as they wake up and start browsing the internet. This is an unproductive habit.

The best thing you can do instead is filling your mind with positivity. Start your day with new vigor and strength. Develop a positive attitude. And above all, start your day with good nutrition. Avoid fast food. Cook your own food and eat green vegetables and fruits.

Know your job well

Feeling not enough is stressful. Sometimes you found yourself uncertain of what to do next. Or sometimes, you might feel that you don’t meet other’s expectations. This is often the result of being unaware of your main function as a worker.

In this case, one of the strategies for managing stress in the workplace you can do is to talk to your immediate superior. Ask him/her what he/she is expecting of you. This is the shortest and fastest way to lessen your stress.

Keep a harmonious relationship

A workplace is composed of different individuals with different backgrounds. Thus, conflict may be inevitable. Whatever you do, do not engage in any form of interpersonal conflict.

There’s nothing more stressful than working with people who are hating you. The most common source of conflict is gossip. So avoid it. Respect other’s perspectives including religion, politics, and humor. And most importantly, avoid loud and aggressive people. Just focus on your job and maintain healthy interpersonal and professional relationships.

Be organized

Try to declutter your working space. Organize your things on your table before you go home every afternoon. This simple decluttering habit can be helpful not only for saving time but also for decreasing stress.

The more you organize your working place the more you become productive and less stressed. Above all, an organized working place keeps you from rushing and missing important little job details.

Embrace your workplace and be comfortable

It is normal to feel discomfort when you’re new to the workplace. What is unhealthy and definitely stressful is when you are not able to cope with the new environment. If you feel this, try to find ways to get yourself accustomed to the new working place.

One of the strategies for managing stress in the workplace is to develop a positive attitude towards your job. Think of the good things that benefit you the most. Doing this will not only change your thinking pattern but also cultivate a positive mindset.

Do not multitask

Most people tend to compress all the tasks in a short period of time. This practice is commonly known as multitasking. And many of us believe that this is effective. But the truth speaks the opposite. The reality is that multitasking is not only unproductive but also causes you more stress.

In fact, multitasking, in many studies, was found to be the cause of mistakes and failures. Why? Well, it is because the brain cannot attain more than one task at a time. So to eliminate stress in the workplace, avoid multitasking. You can do that by efficiently and wisely using your time.

Take a walk

If stress strikes you, find a way to take a walk. Going outside for a few minutes will help your mind to calm down. A simple walk is enough to revitalize your body with fresh air. More oxygen that circulates into your brain allows you to develop brand new positive thoughts.

Forget about perfectionism

It is totally okay to be a competitive person. It gives you benefits along the way. But you should not go overboard. What I mean by this is that do not try to be perfect. It will only hurt you and make you more stressed.

Instead, accept your weaknesses and the fact that you cannot be perfect. Do not be afraid of committing mistakes. If you have accepted your personal flaws, you will easily accept your failure and forgive yourself.

Listen to your favorite song

Your favorite music can do a lot to lessen your stress. In fact, listening to relaxing music is one of the best strategies for managing stress in the workplace. When things are out of your control, stop for a moment, and listen to the relaxing melody of your favorite song. Music can change your day and your attitude.

Now that you have my simple strategies for managing stress in the workplace, it is time to apply them. It is my hope that this short list will help you get better mentally every day.