Why Should You Stay Away From Stressed People

This happens when you surround yourself with stressed people.

Stressed People

A recent study found that being with stressed people can significantly affect your brain’s structure.

This may be the reason why family members of a depressed person are often found to have the same symptom as the depressed one.

In addition, the study also supports the claim of some experts stating that negative people are contagious.

The researchers found that the effect of stress was not only evident on the emotional but also on the biological aspect.

The lead author of the previous study, Dr. Toni-Lee Sterley stated the astonishing conclusion. “There has been other literature that shows stress can be transferred – and our study is actually showing the brain is changed by that transferred stress,” explained Sterley.

What happens to the brain when exposed to stressed people?

The researchers found that “The neurons that control the brain’s response to stress showed changes in unstressed partners that were identical to those we measured in the stressed mice,” said Sterley.

This study adds to the growing body of scientific evidence which suggests that exposing oneself to depressed individuals can be detrimental.

So staying away from stressed individuals can be the best thing to do.

But how can we know if a person is stressed-out?

There are common behaviors that a stressed person tends to do all the time. Here are some of the indicators that a person is stressed-out.

1. Share personal problem too much

Venting can be helpful. In fact, it is one of the most effective forms of therapy. Talking to a friend can actually lessen the burden inside.

However, stressed people do it excessively. They focus too much on their negative experiences. And the storytelling may go on endlessly.

Those people have difficulties in letting go their negative past experiences.

2. Worry too much about the things they can’t control

At some point in our life, we encounter setbacks. It’s part of being human. Healthy people just learn and move on.

But stressed people can’t do that. They tend to dwell on things they can’t change. As a result, they often find themselves in their self-imposed cage.

3. Eat unhealthy foods

Maybe you also noticed it – stressed people tend to eat too much. This is the reason why not all depressed people are skinny. Some of them are actually fat.

What is worse about it is that most stressed people eat unhealthy foods. They tend to divert their attention to foods hoping that they forget their problems or frustrations.

4. Get startled easily

Stressed people may easily get overwhelmed. A mild stressful situation can be a big deal to them.

5. Can’t get enough sleep

We all experience it especially when there’s a lot of things going on in our mind – we can’t sleep.

But stressed individuals can’t get enough sleep almost always. Their mind is filled with exaggerated negative perceptions.

6. Do many things simultaneously

Most of us make schedules on a day to day chores. The purpose of scheduling is to keep things organized and maximized our time and resources.

Stressed people do it differently. Instead of doing tasks as scheduled, they tend to accomplish the chores simultaneously.

As expected, they are exhausted at the end of the day. The bad thing about their habit is that they often commit mistakes. And self-depreciating words will go on.

7. Never ask for help

Healthy people ask for assistance when they are not sure what they are doing. Stressed-out people don’t do it. They tend to accomplish things on their own even when they badly need help.

8. Focus on the negative side of an experience

What makes a bad or good experience is not the experience per se but how we interpret our experience.

A rational person will focus on the positive side of an event rather than on the negative.

Stressed people do the opposite. What they often see is the bad side not the good. Because their mind is full of negativities, their words will also be negative.

9. Easily get procrastinated

At some point in our life, we feel procrastination. But if you are a positive person, you find ways to get motivated.

But stressed-out people, because their mind is already filled with negativity, they will easily get discouraged when things did not go as planned. You only see them at the onset of a project but sooner or later they will vanish.

10. Always in a hurry

Stressed people tend to be hurry all the time. You see them rushing but accomplish nothing. At the end of the day, they look too tired but never finished a task.

If you see some of these characteristics of a person, maybe he/she is stressed-out.

To avoid being affected, it is good for you if you just stay away. Focus on your own goals. Keep safe.

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