6 Success Principles of Jeff Bezos and Amazon

What are the success principles of successful people?

Success Principles

You may be thinking that successful businesses were built without a sweat. The truth is, like any success, the giant online and traditional corporations have a humble beginning.

The funny thing is that no one asks how these businesses were built. All we can see is the fine result not the agony of their founders.

Amazon is one of the largest businesses today. But its success wouldn’t have possible without failure experiences.

Jeff Bezos is one of the greatest business innovators. But the most interesting about Bezos is not his business but his attitude towards doing business.

In this article, let’s talk about the success principles of one of the most wealthy and successful men in the world.

6 success principles from Jeff Bezos

1. Minimizing regret

It is easy to get up in the morning and go to work. It is a common routine. High paying jobs make people comfortable.

But Jeff Bezos found this reality detrimental to his future. He believes that following his high paying job is something that he might regret later in his life.

In 1994, although the internet age was only in its infancy stage, he quickly realized the potential in it. So he quit his job and started his online business.

It is the ability to foresee the future and the will to detach oneself from the crowd that led Bezos to success.

Does your daily routine benefit you 10 or 20 years from now? To whom you are working today? These questions are crucial to your future. Decide and act before everything is too late.

2. Having a long-term goal

The greatest mistake of most people is the hunger for immediate success. Most of us want to succeed immediately in whatever we do. If the reward is delayed, the motivation is lost.

Well, this is not our fault. Our mind is programmed this way. Unfortunately, to become successful, you need to act in a different direction.

The reason why Amazon become successful is that Jeff Bezos was able to delay his desire for immediate success.

Thus, one of his success principles is having a long-term vision. He invests his company’s resources on things that can bring success in the future, not in the present.

If you really want to become successful, don’t long for an immediate result. Whatever it is that you are doing today, whatever your goal, it needs time.

So be consistent and patient.

3. Be stubborn

Along the way, especially when you start to experience success, there are great short-term opportunities that might grab your interest.

But you should not buy them. You have to stay on your vision. Be stubborn. Do not allow those opportunities to deter you from your track.

Most people get trapped on this test. Because they want instant success, they easily attempted to easy short-term money.

But Jeff Bezos focus on the long-term success of his company. So he stubbornly stayed on his long-term goal.

You need to consistently work even if you see no result. A brighter tomorrow awaits you.

4. Be flexible

To firmly believe in your vision is necessary, but you also need to be flexible. Things may not turn as planned.

If you failed, just learn to let go. Jeff Bezos failed in some of his businesses prior to Amazon.

But he did not attach himself to those failures. Flexibility helped him to figure out what works and what’s not.

The key here is to open yourself to many opportunities. Try without being afraid to fail.

If you don’t try, you will not know what works for you.

5. Develop an experiment mindset

Don’t be afraid to try new ideas. Explore the possibilities before you. Find something that really suits you.

Successful people do not afraid to try new things. If they fail, at least they know that something does not work.

 6. Prioritize value

Create something that solves people’s problems. This is, perhaps, the most important success principles of Jeff Bezos.

He created Amazon not primarily to make money but to help people. So he makes sure that everything he puts in his business contributes to the solution of people’s problem.

To continue to help people, he innovates his companies to keep up the demand changes.

He never stops to create something that could contribute to the greater good of the whole society.

The question is, what can you contribute to solving the problem of your fellow human being?

If you are in the process of building something, you must ask the same question.

If you continue to care others, success will follow.

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