The 40% Rule Of Success That Losers Hate The Most

How to achieve success the hard way?


There are thousands of books online that teach people to become successful. And yet, only a few people have achieved their ideal self.

You might be thinking why not everyone becomes successful with all the unlimited resources.

But really, if you dig deep, you’ll find that the secret to success is not about the number or the volume of resources you possess, there’s something else.

There are people who came from nothing and become successful in their respective fields.

In contrast, there are people who once lived in abundance and become financially or physically paralyzed.

So what is separating the high performers from the average ones?

Most people believe that in order to succeed you need to be dedicated and determined enough.

You need to be ambitious in order to reach the higher ground.

Well, many people have already done that. And many of them failed.

Ambition and determination do not predict success – mental toughness does.

Mental toughness is a practice of ignoring the physical and psychological pain in the most desperate time of your life.

Most experts call it the 40% rule. This principle states that if you feel you can’t bear the burden anymore, your mind lies to you. The truth is, you only tapped the forty percent of your true capacity.

Meaning, there’s a lot of unused fuel and strength left in you. The only thing that forces you to stop is your thoughts.

In challenging situations, your mind determines your action. It dictates you what to do. Unfortunately, it almost always tells you to stop when you experience pain.

This is the reason why most people quit. Because when they feel exhausted, they listen to their inner voice. Unfortunately, the only voice that you will hear during tough situations is your mind shouting you to quit.

But the reality is that, no matter how exhausted you are, there’s still a reserved energy to take an extra mile.

Those who enjoy the comfort of quitting loses the battle. But those who carry their baggage farther than they could, succeed.

Success is a matter of having the right mindset. Carol Dweck, the author of Mindset, made it clear that those who think they can, win. But those who believe they can’t, lose.

Really, our mind is shaping our “wholeness”. The 40% rule is powerful enough to fuel our entire life journey (if you just know how to use it).

The problem is that our culture teaches us to avoid pain. It discourages us to take risks. As a result, the young generation is too afraid to choose their own path.

Only high achievers love pain. Why? Because they know that hardship is a sign that they are following the right path.

Those who enjoy comfort and avoids challenges will never be successful.

Clearly, success is not for everybody’s game. It requires the willingness to accept and embrace pain.

If you desperately want success, you have to prepare yourself. Your ride will be agonizing. Prepare yourself for troubles, frustrations, and failures.

It will not be easy. But you have no reason to quit. Be tough. Love all the uneasiness. Do what is hard because there’s comfort at the end.

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