15 Things You Should Give Up If You Want To Be Successful

What to give up to be successful?


Everyone wants to be successful. But not everyone succeeds. In fact, only two percent of the population really met their dreams. The ninety-eight percent are losers.

The question is what separates those two percent from the majority? What makes successful people successful?

The difference is simple. Successful people do what the poor ones hate to do.

Successful people have common habits unique to them. The good thing is those habits are not exclusive. Anyone can learn those characteristics too.

But in order to become successful, you need to give up some of your unproductive habits and develop the right ones.

15 things to give up to be successful

1. Give up perfectionism

Perfection does not exist in reality. It only exists in the mind. To pursue perfection is an illusion. No matter what you do, there’s a place for error. What you can only do is to learn your mistakes and grow.

2. Give up luck

There’s no luck. There’s no destiny. You are the creator of your whole reality. Luck is just an excuse. Lazy people usually use it to cover up their failure. If you really want to become successful, spend your time on productive activities. Work on your plans in life no matter how hard it is.

3. Give up being a follower

To become successful you need to be bold. You need to think and act like a lion. Be a leader of your life. Don’t follow other’s footsteps. Use your potential to realize your dreams.

4. Give up the habit of pointing fingers

Stop blaming others. Because the truth is you are only responsible for your life. No one directs your future but you. There’s no reason to blame others.

5. Give up an unhealthy lifestyle

Stop eating unhealthy foods. Many diseases are born from unhealthy food intakes. Instead, develop a healthy lifestyle. Eat healthily and exercise regularly. Success does not matter if you are unhealthy.

6. Give up negative thinking

Stop doubting yourself. Instead, develop positive thinking. Believe in yourself. You can be anything or anyone if you believe. If you think you can, you will. Otherwise, you’ll never realize your goals.

7. Give up your excuses

Plan your future. Make it clear where are you heading. Once your goal is set, work on it without excuses. Remember successful people work on their goals until the end no matter how hard. You should do it too.

8. Give up the past

You can’t live in yesterday. Your past is gone. There’s nothing there to cling to. You need to look forward, not backward. Your future does not depend on your past. It depends on what you do today.

9. Give up the habit of pleasing everyone

It is not your job to please all the people. Because no matter what you do half of the world will not like it. So there’s no point to make everyone happy. Just follow your heart. Do what you want and never mind the crowd.

10. Give up gossips

Stop entertaining nonsense talks. Instead, think and talk about brilliant ideas. Don’t waste your time on an unproductive conversation.

11. Give up your belief in magic

There’s no miracle. Everything that happens in life is created from hard work. Your achievement does not depend on a magic wand. It depends on your hand.

12. Give up all your complains

If you really want to be successful, stop complaining. Instead, do what is necessary to be done. Never complain.

13. Give up multi-tasking

Doing many things simultaneously is unproductive. That’s why successful people learn to focus their strength on one goal. One thing at a time until they succeed. Multi-tasking negatively affects your efficiency.

14. Give up negative people

Find a supportive circle of friends. Avoid people who have a negative thinking pattern. They can paralyze your plan and make you lazy.

15. Give up TV and social media

Watching TV or browsing the internet waste your time. Unless your business depends on these media, stop using them. Instead, spend your time on things that help you grow.

To conclude, success is all about setting a goal and finding ways to achieve it. Work is always part of the equation. So set your goal now, work on it, and believe. Don’t be afraid to fail. Failure is a reminder that what you have done did not work. Stand up and fix it until you make it right!

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