6 Symptoms Of Attention Deficit Disorder In Adults

The symptoms of attention deficit disorder in adults that you might not know.

Although ADHD is commonly found in children, adults may also suffer from this condition.

More than 8 percent of people have ADHD. However, this number is increasing in the last decade.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder impairs people’s ability to perform the daily routine.

People with ADHD often have problems in attaining focus. And due to the inability to focus, people with ADHD often have problems with their boss.

As a result, most of them lost their jobs.

How do you know that a person may have ADHD?

The World Health Organization outlined the newest scale for Attention Deficit Disorder.

A person may have ADHD if s/he:

  1. Finds difficulty in focusing or concentrating the normal conversation
  2. Can not stay in one place during seminars, workshops, and/or classes
  3. Is not able to relax
  4. Finds difficulties in staying in a conversation
  5. Finds difficulties in finishing a task at hand
  6. Heavily relies on others in order to survive

Having these characteristics, a person may have ADHD. However, the World Health Organization created this test only to screen not to diagnose people.

It is easier to spot ADHD in children. But diagnosing it in adults is a different story. In fact, many adults suffer from this condition without knowing that they indeed have it.

As a result, they may have no idea what really causes their problems. Here are the additional symptoms of attention deficit disorder in adults.

  1. Have difficulties in getting organized

Adults who have ADHD have trouble staying organized. This problem may cause more serious problems such as an inability to perform the responsibilities.

  1. May experience accidents due to reckless driving

ADHD condition can make people unable to control speeding in the street. People who have this condition often meet car related accidents.

  1. Have trouble in their relationships

Due to the ADHD symptoms, people with this condition find difficulties in maintaining a harmonious relationship.

There are more symptoms of attention deficit disorder in adults that are not included in this article. If you want to add some, just leave a comment below.

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