Teenage Relationships Facts: Teen Romance in the Digital Age

The teenage relationships facts.

Teenage Relationships Facts

The technological advancement especially the social media affects not only our daily social interaction but more so on the way we relate to others. One of the most affected is the romance in teenagers.

Teen romance is part of growing up. But the process differed from the type of intimate relationships decades ago. Teenagers’ relationships are heavily influenced by the social media and the technology.

Digital technology shapes how teenagers develop their relationships. The flirting and breaking up have dramatically changed in this era.

One survey suggests the different faces of teen romance in the digital age. The study was conducted by the Pew Research Center Survey which involved the teenagers’ ages thirteen to seventeen.

Here are the teenage relationships facts that the study found:

1. Eight percent of the teenagers met the romantic partner online

The study suggests that Facebook is the most common medium for online communication among teenagers. This platform also instrumental in finding romantic partners online. However, only the 8% of the teens claimed to have met their partners online. The larger number prefer to meet their partner in person.

2. Social media become an effective way to divulge one’s intimate interests towards a person

Flirting does not only happen in a face to face encounter but also in the online world. In fact, fifty percent of the teens found people whom they have a romantic interest in. the forty-seven percent were able to express their liking towards others through social media commenting and other forms of digital communication. But fifty-five percent preferred the traditional way of communicating with their romantic interests.

Social media is an instrument that allows the teenagers to show their intimate interest to their crush online. This practice includes sending flirtatious messages or small favor to someone that a teenager has a crush on.

3. Texting is the most preferred way among teenagers to communicate with their partners

The majority of the teenagers considered texting as the most convenient way of communicating with their partners. The survey reveals that seventy-two percent of the teenagers text their partners on a daily basis.

The thirty-nine percent of the teenagers communicate with their partner through the telephone. While video chatting is the least communication strategy being used by teenagers.

4. Digital technology makes teenagers closer to their partners

Most teenagers feel that by the use of digital technology they become closer to their partner. The social media allows them to connect with their romantic partner instantly. The 59% of the adolescents feel this way.

5. Teenagers hate ending a romantic relationship via text or social media

Although many teenage romantic relationships start with social media, teenagers don’t like ending their relationship via text or online messaging. Most prefer in-person breakup. As a result, only 27% of the teenagers end their relationship through text.

6. Most teenagers deleted their ex-partner’s contact from their phone or social media account

Almost half of the adolescents automatically delete their ex-partner’s contact information from their phone right after the breakup. While 38% of the adolescents would have deleted their photos and other personal information from their phone and social media account. The females are more likely to delete their photos than males. But the thirty percent would block their ex-partner.

These are just some of the teenage relationships facts that caused by the digital age. The social media is one of the factors that shape the way people communicate with each other.

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