The 5 Signs Your Relationship Will Work

What are the signs your relationship will work?

Signs Your Relationship Will Work

It is hard to foresee a future especially when it comes to a relationship. No one really knows whether or not a relationship will thrive.

If you are new to a relationship, you may be assessing many things. You are in a phase of adjustment. It is scary to think about this, but, you are not really sure of your partner’s commitment.

However, experts have ways of determining whether a relationship works or not. Here are the five signs your relationship will work:

  1. You both listen to each other

Good communication is a key to a successful relationship. It’s like a glue that binds things together. Couples who listen to each other may resolve a potential conflict that may come their way. In the absence of good communication, a relationship may collapse.

  1. The intimacy is present

Intimacy is more than just sex. This is beyond the common connotation. Every time you hear this word you may think of sexual activity. But it is more than that. Intimacy, therefore, pertains to couple’s closeness to each other. Like good communication, intimacy is one of the signs your relationship will work.

  1. You trust each other

Trust is another component of a successful relationship. Without trust, you constantly question your partner’s credibility this in turn results in conflict in the future.

  1. You have mutual respect

Respect can be the most effective rule. The reason why there is always chaos in the world today is that people lack respect for each other. This happens in a relationship too. Lacks of respect between couples will result in conflict.

  1. You support each other

Being in a relationship is like being in a team. You need to support each other to win. And winning takes a complete participation in the game. The relationship works this way. It’s a two-way process. It is not always about your or your partner; it is about the two of you. The success of your relationship depends on your support to each other.