The Best Way To Deal With Stress According To Science

The best way to deal with stress.

The Best Way To Deal With Stress

In recent research findings suggest that social media affect the people’s well-being. Spending too much time online will result in stress and other mental health issues.

So to remain mentally healthy, avoiding social media can be the best choice.

In fact, a recent study found that quitting Facebook is the best way to deal with stress.

The researchers from the University of Queensland in Australia conducted a study. They wanted to determine the possible effect of social media on psychological well-being.

The study involved more than 100 participants who use Facebook regularly. The participants were divided into two groups. The first half remained using Facebook while the other half had a five-day break.

The researchers measure the level of cortisol from the saliva sample of the participants.

Cortisol is a stress hormone.

The study found that the level of cortisol in the saliva from people who temporarily stop using Facebook was dropped.

However, the researchers also noticed that the level of well-being did also decrease.

“People said they felt more unsatisfied with their life and were looking forward to resuming their Facebook activity,” said Eric Vanman, the lead author in a statement.

This study is not the first to establish the effect of social media on well-being.

However, this study may be the first one to come up with a mixed result. So what could be the possible explanation?

The researchers believe that:

“Abstaining from Facebook was shown to reduce a person’s level of the stress hormone cortisol, but people’s own ratings of their stress did not change – perhaps because they weren’t aware their stress had gone down,” Vanman added.

The other research also suggests that a regulated social media use can be helpful to reduce stress.

The researchers suggest that one to two hours of social media use seem to be healthy. But longer than this time duration may cause psychological issues.

Therefore, the best way to deal with stress is regulated social media usage.

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