Tips On How To Be Truly Happy With Yourself

How to be truly happy with yourself?

How To Be Truly Happy With Yourself

With all the stressful circumstances in your life, you may have already been forgetting how to be happy. That’s sound really unfortunate, but you are not alone. Most people feel as much as you do.

There is a reason why the level of happiness in this generation is drastically decreasing. Of course, stress is part of it. But the greatest reason is that the human brain works that way – always striving for survival.

Throughout the evolution, the human race has been bombarded with challenges. Fortunately, humans have been able to survive because of our brain. The brain sizes up the impending danger and draws a possible solution for that trouble.

However, as the brain becomes better and better at predicting and solving problems, it loses a sight on happiness. In most cases, it focuses on the negative experience, not on the positive one. As a result, we feel stressed more often than feel happy.

The brain is malleable and plastic. This means that you can train it the way you want. In this premise, you can actually become happier than you think by just training your brain.

Practice is key to achieve a truly happier life. How can you do that? Well, that is what we will be talking about today – how to be truly happy with yourself.

In this article, I will share with you my tips on how to conquer happiness in your life regardless of your experience. So let’s start.

Cultivate positivity

It is normal to feel down or frustrated if there’s something that makes you feel that way. We all have bad times in life. But if you want to be happy, you need to build that positivity in you. You need to stand back from anything that troubles your emotion.

Most people are not happy not because of their experience but because of their inability to cultivate positivity. You need to focus on the positive side of a negative experience. This may not be easy. But believe it or not, you can do it. There is, indeed, a positive side in every negative experience.

Celebrate little accomplishments

Small achievements are worth to be celebrated. You don’t need a tremendous success to be happy. If you were able to finish a homework today, why not give yourself a cup of coffee, a massage, or a time to watch your favorite evening TV show?

Rejoicing on small wins activates that feelings of happiness in you. This is how to be truly happy with yourself – celebrate in every little accomplishment.

Establish balance in your life

As a teacher, I tend to work 40 hours a week not to include the weekends when I try to finish the works that I brought home. This may also happen to most of you. But this is not healthy. Although I am guilty of it sometimes, I always find ways to relax.

With your busy schedule, you may forget that your loved ones need your time. Why not spend a quality time with your wife, husband, kids, parents, or friends? You need to create a barrier between your work and your personal life. Because if you don’t, it will be difficult for you to achieve happiness.

Use the power of mindfulness

Mindfulness meditation is something that ancient people were practicing for thousands of years. Mindfulness is a process of focusing on the present and not letting your mind wander around. Most stressors emanate from negative thoughts – thoughts that do not necessarily true. This usually happens when you allow your mind to fly.

Mindfulness meditation is one of the best ways to stay in your present experience. Focusing on your present helps your mind creates a positive set of thoughts and therefore eliminating stress. Mindfulness is an ultimate way to a peaceful mind.

Be a child

This does not mean that you should lose your self-control and discipline as a grown person. What I mean by this is to engage in creative undertakings. Example of this is doing the hobby that you might already forget for years. Get your hands dirty with those clay, crayons, and other art materials. Simple creative activities may help you become happy.

Forget perfection

We all have mistaken. We experienced a great deal of failure at some point in our life. What this means is that no one is really perfect. And if no one can be perfect, there’s no way to be perfect.

Most people get so stressed because they adhere to perfection in their lives. That’s not good. You only get frustrated. Above all, you’ll become more stressed than ever.

In order to be happy, stop the illusion of becoming perfect. Instead, embrace the imperfection in your life. It is okay to commit mistakes. This is how to be happy with yourself.

Follow your passion

This is another way of saying do what you love. There’s nothing more rewarding than doing the things you really want to do. If you are working in a job right now, you know what I mean here. Working in a job you hate suffocates you.

The mistake that most people do is to pursue a high paying job that they don’t love. As result, that job gives them stress every day. Instead of the following money, try to follow your heart. Ask yourself what are the things that make you happy. Go for them. Prioritize your happiness. The money will follow.

I hope that these tips on how to be truly happy with yourself help you in achieving a happier life. If you have some thoughts you want to share, please leave them below.

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