10 Toxic Habits You Need To Avoid To Be Successful

How to destroy toxic habits that hinder you from becoming successful?

Toxic Habits

Obviously, no one wants to be left behind. We want to succeed in our goals. Unfortunately, we have all the reasons not to be successful. Successful people, on the other hand, don’t have these things. So can we eliminate the habits that never serve us success?

Here are 10 toxic habits you need to abolish if you want to be successful:

1. Stop idolizing the successful ones.

To be successful, do not follow others. Make your own journey. You are unique. That uniqueness is seen in your personality. This is the reason why you should not idolize the people who already successful. The best thing you can do instead learns from them. Study their humble beginning to learn how they build their own success. Absorb and apply all the pieces of their experiences and use them to your advantage.

2. Never compare yourself to others.

A comparison is, in most cases, a bad thing. In fact, you already have something, contented with something. But suddenly, when you start comparing what others have, you felt jealousy. And if such feeling lingers in you, you’ll become bitter.

So why compare yourself to others? The best thing you can do instead makes your own life better. Start asking yourself what you can do to improve your current life’s status.

3. Stop rationalizing your excuses.

The most common toxic habits of unhealthy people are making excuses. The worse thing, they are very good at rationalizing. As a result, their excuses look like reasonable.

We all have excuses. We all have the reasons not to show up to work, go to a party, or to a business meeting.

But success is elusive to people who make excuses. If you want to be successful, never allow yourself to make reasons not to accomplish your goal. Turn off the TV, stop talking, and start something. Do something or forget all your goals in life.

4. Get rid of those negative thoughts.

Only a few people understood the power of their mind. Most of us have no idea that our mind is playing us with tricks. Those tricks operate on the unconscious level. Meaning, they are not readily identifiable.

Thinking that you’re a miserable person will only make things worse. Everything that you store in your negative thoughts will manifest in your life. You will become more of what you think.

If you really want to succeed, throw all your negative assessment of yourself. You can be someone else. You can learn new things that can change your life forever – for the better.

5. Stop blaming others.

This is one of the toxic habits of unhealthy people; blaming. Blaming is a total waste of time. Because no one else is responsible for your life. Except you. It is not about what others have done to you, or how bad your previous life might be, the most important now is your “must.”

Define very clearly what you really want to achieve in your life. Don’t look back. The past only represents your yesterday. Your “now” is more important.

If you think that you have the most painful experience in life, you’re wrong. In fact, there are many people who have even worse experiences than you have. Don’t believe me? Ask Oprah Winfrey and learn how she managed to attain success.

The world does not care who you are or what you experienced. But it is always waiting for you to make the best decision for yourself. It is waiting for you to make a difference.

6. Don’t be a judgmental person.

You need to remember that we are all different. No two people act in exactly the same way. People do have different opinion or preference on every issue. So do not try to interpret their behavior as deviant or against your own will.

Successful people are successful not because they are lucky. They work hard. In fact, the richest people are the most hardworking individuals. Many of us don’t understand it. Success is never a function of luck. Rather, it is built with sacrifices.

One of the toxic habits of unsuccessful people is making the wrong attribution. They tend to attribute their failure to luck. As a result, they always make a bad judgment and action.

7. Stop pretending to be an expert.

If somebody asks you a question and you don’t know the answer, don’t panic. Just accept the truth. Say, “I don’t know.” Don’t pretend to be an expert. Don’t worry, it is not your job to know everything. Even the wisest person does not have all the answers. So be comfortable with that.

8. Stop aiming for perfection.

Success does not require you to be perfect. Why? Because perfection simply doesn’t exist. It only lives in your mind, not in reality.

If you look at successful people, you’ll notice that what brings them to where they are now is not perfection but mistakes. In fact, the most successful people are the people who have the most number of failures.

If you want to succeed, never mind perfection. It is one of the toxic habits that hinder unsuccessful people.

9. Choose to be uncomfortable.

It is a human instinct to avoid pain. We seek ways to resolve uneasy feelings. But your journey to success is not a comfortable one. You’ll encounter discouragements, failure, self-doubts, and inferiority.

Whatever goal you have, you need to pay its price. It will not be given to you. If you really want to achieve it, you need to embrace pain. You need to love hardships, failure, and discouragements. Unsuccessful people are unsuccessful because they are unwilling to pay the price. You should not follow their trail. Make your own. And if you are determined enough, you’ll earn success.

10. Never wait for a perfect timing.

One of the fascinating habits of successful people is their ability to initiate action when opportunity seems unclear. In contrast, one of the toxic habits of the unsuccessful ones is waiting for a perfect moment to come.

The truth is, there is no perfect time. Every minute can be the best or worst opportunity.

Successful people don’t wait for an opportunity, they create it. Waiting is a waste of time. This is the reason why the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. One group waits for a perfect opportunity, the other one creates the best opportunity.

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