10 Small Things That Can Reveal Your True Personality

Your little actions reveal your true personality.

True Personality

You don’t have to be an expert in human behavior to recognize a person’s true personality. You can do that by observing other people’s little actions. Because the small things we do that we thought insignificant are actually big reflections of who we really are.

Have you noticed how many times your friend utters profane words? Does your friend love pets? Is s/he interested in gossips rather than in ideas? Does s/he take criticisms positively or negatively? Or, does s/he admit his/her own mistakes?

These questions seem meaningless. But the truth is, the answers to these questions can reveal the true personality of the people around you. Here are some small things that can show who you are:

1. The way you respond to a question that you don’t know.

Most people panic when they encounter questions that they don’t know the answer. As a result, they get stressed. It’s just an indication that they lack self-confidence, dishonest, and afraid of getting challenged by others. Because if you are an honest person, you can easily say that you don’t know the answer without hesitation.

2. Your ability to admit a mistake.

If you admit your shortcoming, you are a person of principle and standard. A person who always blames others for his mistake is a person who is afraid of taking responsibility.

3. The way you treat a person who is better than you.

If you feel threatened when somebody who is more capable and smarter than you are, then it shows that you are an inferior. People with inferiority complex feel threaten when surrounded by better individuals. This is because they always want to be the best.

4. Whether or not you put things back if you’re done.

This is pretty simple but it shows a lot of your true personality. If you don’t put things back after using them indicates that you are a disorganized person.

5. The way you treat animals.

If you are an animal lover, it means that you are a thoughtful person. This is the reason why most women love men who rear pets.

6. The way you treat people who can do nothing.

If you extend your hand to those who can’t help themselves, it shows that you are a nice and helpful person. It also means that you care for humanity. But if you don’t have any concern about the helpless, you’re indifferent.

7. The way you handle frustrations.

When things don’t go as planned, most people panic. They overreact to the situation. If you are that type of person, it indicates that you are neurotic. You can’t be a leader. Your emotion is unstable and can easily be manipulated.

8. The way you respond to gossip.

It is easy to determine a person’s intellect. If you find gossip interesting, then you are a below average person. An average person, on the other hand, is interested in events and history. While the genius ones love ideas. So if you want to be smart, try to entertain big ideas, not gossips.

9. The way you accomplish things.

Work ethics is very important. If you easily get procrastinated, it shows that you lack self-discipline. Above all, you are not a goal-directed person.

10. The way you react to criticism.

If you are a person who reacts angrily to criticisms, then you lack control of your emotion and sensitivity. Great people respond to criticisms calmly not because they don’t feel pain. They just learn how to interpret things objectively.

These simple things are enough to size up somebody’s true personality. You don’t have to be an expert in psychology. You just need to be observant.

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