Type A Personality Definition: What is a Type A Personality?

The type A personality definition.

Type A Personality Definition

A Type A personality is a characteristic of a person who mostly treats everything as a competition. People with Type A personality will do everything they could to achieve their goals but do not have a sense of joy for accomplishments.

People with a Type A personality always in a struggle to beat a clock. They are not allowing a single minute to pass by without achieving something. They tend to maximize time by doing many things simultaneously.

Generally, a person with this personality type may have the following characteristics:

  • Always in a hurry for something
  • Have several life goals
  • Have high ambitions in life
  • Extremely competitive
  • Always have a hectic daily schedule
  • Reluctant to take rest or unable to relax
  • More prone to stress when a stressful situation comes
  • Hate wasting time because it causes a feeling of guilt
  • Always in a hurry attending to many things all day long
  • Working so hard from morning to afternoon non-stop
  • Have a rigid schedule throughout the day
  • Impose strong self-discipline

Aside from knowing the type A personality definition, it may also be important to understand what makes people develop this characteristic.

Why some people develop a Type A personality?

Most experts believe that insecurities may have played an important role why some people become type As. The behaviors mentioned above are the outcome of the personal choice in the effort to overcome one’s insecurities.

Insecurities may result in two tendencies: becoming depressed or becoming a type A. Some people are easily getting frustrated when they find out that they don’t have what others have. The frustration will result in depression.

While other people though react to insecurities by pushing higher. These people use their frustration as weapon or strength to achieve more. However, such longing for high success may, in turn, result in rigid self-discipline.

A person with a Type A personality has difficulty in taking a rest. Extreme work ethic keeps him grinding hard to attain high goals. Everything must be perfect and better than anyone else’s.

But such competitive behavior may not always helpful. In fact, most people with Type A personality are prone to suffer from a heart attack. The rigid daily schedule may result in stress. And the uncontrolled stress (because of the reluctance to take rest) would cause heart problem.

Generally, a Type A personality is a person’s choice to deal with insecurities. The more relaxed people normally have no insecurities. When they failed in a competition, for instance, they just laugh and shrug their shoulder. The competition is just for fun.

A type A person cannot stand the loss. He will do everything to win the competition. This is because losing will be stressful and he can’t deal with it. Thus, a type A person often has a high personal standard.

A Type A person knows exactly his limitations. In fact, he is well aware of his average ability. Nonetheless, he knows that by maximizing the time he will be able to achieve big goals. But time is short. As a result, he would not waste a minute of it resulting in long working hours with minimal rest.

A Type A person has the following salient characteristics:

  • Always in a hurry for something: It is difficult to deal with a Type person because he/she is always in a hurry to something. Don’t make him/her wait because he/she will easily get mad.
  • Have several life goals: The purpose of achieving many goals is to overcome the feelings of insecurities. But working with many goals simultaneously requires a lot of time. This results in the daily busy schedule.
  • Have high ambitions in life: A Type A person has several high goals. Every plan must be excellently implemented to attain high standards.
  • Extremely competitive: A Type A person knows that there’s always two faces of every outcome: success and failure. But because he/she could not stand with failure, he/she will do everything he/she could to succeed regardless of the hindrances.
  • Always have a hectic daily schedule: Having multiple things going on at a certain time, a Type A person must schedule everything. Everything must be according to the plan.
  • Reluctant to take rest or unable to relax: Because a Type A person always achieve what is ought to achieve on a daily basis, he/she cannot afford a rest. All he/she knows is to keep on working.
  • More prone to stress when a stressful situation comes: Without a sufficient rest, a person with this behavior is easily get stressed.
  • Hate wasting time because it causes a feeling of guilt: Becoming accustomed to non-stop work makes a Type A person consider rest a waste of time. Time is a very valuable commodity that he/she cannot afford to lose.
  • Impose strong self-discipline: Self-discipline allows the Type A person to endure long hours of working. It enables him to carry out a difficult undertaking.

A Type A person can be difficult to deal with. Going with this person requires tremendous respect for his/her sense of urgency. Do not make him/her wait for the appointment because he will easily get frustrated and angry.