Unhealthy Foods That Affect Your Intelligence

What are the unhealthy foods that affect your intelligence?

Unhealthy Foods That Affect Your Intelligence

You are what you eat as a saying goes. This is true. The foods we eat would greatly affect our body and mind.

The consumption of unhealthy foods may have an accumulating effect in our body. For instance, excessive soft drinks intake could cause diabetes and kidney failure in the long run.

In recent years, scientific studies began to investigate the effect of unhealthy foods in human intelligence.

For example, a study led by Dr. Kelly Purtell found that eating fast foods could greatly impair IQ.

The study involved more than eleven thousand adolescent US students. Standardized tests including reading, science, and mathematics were administered.

The result suggests that around 20% of those adolescents who frequently eat fast foods had the poorer score on the previous tests.

More than half of the participants ate fast foods one to three times a week. While the almost 30% of them did not eat fast food.

The researchers noted that children aged ten years old who eat fast foods often may be dramatically affected. The researchers believe that the negative effect of unhealthy foods in intelligence scores will be worse after three years.

Fast foods are unhealthy foods that affect your intelligence as Dr. Kelly Purtell concluded. This effect lingers throughout the child’s life.

Frequent fast food consumption does not only impair the child’s body (it causes obesity) but also impairs academic performance.

The researchers carefully took consideration of other latent factors that could contribute to worse test scores. Some of the factors being controlled were time spent in watching TV and other foods the participants had eaten.

The researchers believe that the reason why fast foods affect intelligence is that these foods are lack of nutrients necessary for cognitive and brain development.

Fast foods are rich in fat and sugar which are not helpful or even could impair learning and memory retention.

The unhealthy foods that affect your intelligence are around you. Now you know why you should avoid them.

Refrain yourself from eating those foods. Instead, eat fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables. Take good care of your body and mind.

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