10 Negative Habits Of Unhealthy People

How do you know that you’re dealing with unhealthy people?

Unhealthy People

Health does not always pertain to a physical aspect of a being; a psychological health is the other half of the whole picture.

When we say unhealthy people, it could mean two things: physically or psychologically unhealthy individuals.

However, most of the time the body and mind work hand in hand. If one thing happens to one part, the other will be affected.

In this article, however, I would like to talk about the psychological aspect of health. Thus, “unhealthy people” pertains to people who have maladaptive practices who are stuck at a certain point of their lives.

Surely, negative people, like the healthy ones also have goals and aspirations in life. But because of their toxic habits, they keep on whirling around without achieving anything.

Here are the negative habits of unhealthy people:

1. Always expect the worst.

Unhealthy people have a negative thinking pattern that kills their dreams. They always think that nobody will like them, will believe in them, that they can’t do anything, and that they are not good enough.

These people don’t even realize that they have what it takes to be successful. Their negative mind gives them lame excuses. Such excuses cause them so much fear of the unknown.

2. Unhealthy people rely on luck.

Negative people are long believers in fate. They think that their lives are predetermined. That is if they are not lucky enough, then they will not succeed. Thus, whatever happens to them, whatever the outcome of their actions, they will always attribute it to an external locus of control.

The external locus of control is a psychological concept that pretty much a description of people who have superstitious behaviors. They deny their capacity to create things. Rather, they think that their circumstance is drawn by external forces such as luck, fate, or even supernatural will.

3. They do not analyze information.

Unhealthy people have the toxic habit of believing in something without criticising or weighing the credibility of the information. For instance, if a new product is a launch in the market, they will compulsively buy it without having a second thought. This behavior is dangerous.

4. They always choose the easy way.

Negative people always look something that can make them comfortable. They seek quick solutions for their problems. It could be a quick money generating activity (usually bad), or anything that can quickly solve their problem.

The world is full of this type of people. They don’t believe in hard work and patience anymore. They fail to realize that success is not fast and easy. So anything that can be obtained quickly may not be a real success.

5. Unhealthy people don’t have real goals.

Negative people have the habit of wandering around without an apparent goal. This is because they have no goals in life. The funny thing is that they also want to live an abundant life. But day in and day out, you see them doing nothing.

6. Envy of others achievements.

Unhealthy people are not happy when others attain prosperity. They take it as a threat and unfair. They consider themselves as entitled to achievements too. Clearly, these people often missed the important lesson of life. They never consider the hard work and sacrifices of others. This is the result of their superstitious mind. That is, success is created out of luck.

7. Irresponsible.

Negative people don’t take responsibility for their own disposition. They think life as a predetermined path. That, whatever happens, is in accordance with fate. As a result, they tend to subscribe to the idea that they have no capacity whatsoever to make a significant change in their lives. For instance, if their parents were poor, they also believe that their fate is sealed; they will also live a poor lifestyle forever.

8. Unhealthy people are stubborn.

Negative people don’t listen to anyone. They ignore the experts’ advice. This is because they think that they are the center of the world. They are pretty sure about their decision. As a result, they don’t seek for an advice or ask a question even in times they should have to.

9. Hate creative problem-solving.

Unhealthy people are not good at solving problems. Because they are lazy, they don’t have any motivation to understand and dig deep into a problem. If a solution doesn’t work, it’s the end. They stop looking the problem in different perspectives. That’s why in most cases, they fail. Again, their failure will be attributed to luck instead to their laziness.

10. Judgmental.

Unhealthy people are very good at minding others’ business. They focus their time on judging others. Their favorite habit is spreading the rumors. They love it when people get into a fight due to a faulty information they spread. Instead of improving their own lives, they keep themselves preoccupied with other people’s business.

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