14 Weird Psychology Facts You Might Not Know

“Weird psychology” phenomena exist every day. Have you noticed them?

Weird Psychology

Whether you believe it or not, our behavior is shaped by environmental forces as well as the presence of other people. We tend to act in accordance with the social situation. As a result, we are not totally free.

Weird psychology” somehow affects us in a certain way. But the funny thing is that we hardly notice them. In fact, many, if not most of us have no idea why we do weird actions.

Funny or not, our unconscious mind is influential to our daily activities. The following are some of the weird behaviors you might not know affect you.

Weird #1. Some people flip their lids when arbitrary sounds are made… for example if I make the sound ‘cunt’ at work I get told off. – Guntygoo

Weird #2. That we don’t remember stuff good. There are all sorts of studies on this and why eyewitness testimony is actually not very helpful in determining what happened. It is also illustrated by believers in the Mandela Effect. - Coughdaddy

Weird #3. Humans are very overconfident in their ability to notice things. – Iminarmour

Weird #4. If a girl finds you attractive and she catches you looking at her, she might unconsciously start fixing her hair. – Oglowkey

Weird #5. You will hurt another person if a person in authority tells you to. - Olicity4Eva

Weird #6. The brain responds in the same fashion to love as it does for fear. The only difference is the original stimulus. Many people confuse the two and are unable to separate them and recognize them as different emotions. - Lifejustice

Weird #7. Anxiety disorder is actually a mental illness. - Raiz3R

Weird #8. When you spend money on someone else, it makes you happier than if you spent that money on yourself. - Mama_Huhu

Weird #9. There’s no solid cure for any mental diseases. It’s all hugely theoretical and case-by-case. Many people try tons of different medications and methods of therapy and get nowhere. – Harley6324

Weird #10. We classically condition our children the same way we do with dogs; to continue behavior we like through a reward system. - Aglet94

Weird #11. If you’re nice and patient with people, they will usually want to help you. - Varkoth

Weird #12. Doing a small favor for somebody that doesn’t like you will change their opinion of you. - Tyhad1

Weird #13. Your body language says a lot. - SpiritualButter

Weird #14. If you are trying to get something from somebody, first ask them for something ridiculous or something that is a big ask. - JMBSomnium

Clearly enough, we tend to do things we do not normally do in some situations. What makes weird psychology weird? Well, it’s because most of the time we do not know we engaged in it. And it greatly affects our lives.

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