What Can I Do with A Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology?

What can I do with a bachelor’s degree in psychology?

What Can I Do with A Bachelor's Degree in Psychology

This is a common question I got from graduating high school students. If you are not sure what you’re going to enroll in college, you might also have asked the same question. So what can you do with your bachelor’s degree in psychology?

I don’t want to be biased here (because I’m a psychology graduate) but having a psychology degree can be more advantageous over other social science courses. This is because psychology is super flexible to almost all career paths.

This means that if you are a psychology graduate, you can have virtually limitless job opportunities after graduation. You can have a career even outside the field of psychology. Below I listed several possible career paths that a psychology graduate can have in the future.

Possible career paths for those with a bachelor’s degree in psychology

As I mentioned, if you have a degree in psychology, you can have almost limitless career opportunities. You can work as a career counselor, rehabilitation specialist, psychiatric assistant, and organizational manager.

These careers require skills learned in a bachelor’s degree in psychology. The learned skills are necessary for assessing clients’ needs, communicating well with the clients, showing compassion, functioning well in the organizational setting, and being effective in dealing with the clients’ needs.

The bachelor’s degree in psychology equips students with the necessary skills for different disciplines. One of these is a skill in research writing. Psychology graduates can competitively conduct research in the related field.

The writing skill is a basic yet very important asset that a job applicant can have. This is one of the reasons why a psychology graduate is in demand for managerial, library assistant, psychiatric assistant, and probation officer positions.

The reason being is that psychology graduates have basic knowledge in understanding human behavior. If you know as to why people behave the way they do, it is most likely that you will be able to deal with different people with different personalities.

Aside from the mentioned career paths, most psychology graduates find success in different careers in fields outside psychology. The following are the career paths for psychology graduates.

Advertising Agents

One of the skills needed for effective advertising is understanding how persuasion works. Fortunately, for psychology students, persuasion is one of the topics in social psychology. Being equipped with the basics in social psychology, a psychology graduate will be able to design and implement effective advertisements.

Career Counselor

Psychology students are trained to make assessments. This may include but not limited to career assessment and self-discovery. It may also involve helping students and people find their career path that fits in their talents and potential. A psychology graduate is capable of guiding students to find their true interest in life.

Case Manager

Case manager or social and human service assistant is the one that gives advice and guidance to people with different types of needs. A case manager also involves in treatment development, monitoring client’s progress, recovery plan, and coordinate with fellow mental health professionals. Because psychology degree teaches students how to be compassionate. Psychology graduates are critical thinker, a skill, necessary for understanding others’ behavior and traits.

Childcare Worker

Another area of the study discussed in psychology degree in developmental psychology. This subject equips students with knowledge of child caring. Psychology students know how to take care of young children. This is the reason why they are more capable of giving childcare and dealing with different children’s needs.

Laboratory Assistant

Psychology students have at least two research subjects. In my personal experience, the basic research subjects are enough to make students capable of writing or conducting their own psychological research. Therefore, psychology graduates are suitable for a laboratory assistant position. Most of the time, this position is offered in universities and private sectors.

Market Researcher

Aside from laboratory assistant, psychology graduates can also work as a market researcher. Their knowledge in statistical analysis and scientific research methodology make them qualified for the position. Apart from their knowledge in quantitative research capability, they can also work with qualitative methods such as interview and case study.

Psychiatric Technician

The undergraduate psychology degree does not qualify a graduate to conduct psychological interventions as psychologists do. However, the undergraduate degree prepares each student for mental health professions. This makes the psychology graduates suited for a psychiatric technician position.

Probation and Parole Officer

Psychology graduates are also suited for probation and parole officer positions. These jobs require supervision and dealing with people convicted of crimes. In addition, these jobs also require monitoring and tracking of behavior, cooperate with other mental health professional therapists, and provide recommendations to the legal courts.

Rehabilitation Specialist

As the term suggests, rehabilitation specialists help people to recover from physical and mental disabilities. They help the clients to become a useful member of society once again. Although the position requires a higher degree in psychology, an undergraduate degree in psychology is a good foundation.

Sales representative

Because of the fundamental concepts taught in psychology classes, psychology graduates understand how social connection and communication works. The interpersonal communication skills they earned from those classes are tremendously helpful in the real world, especially in business. Thus, many employers are interested in hiring psychology graduates and put them either in sales or in marketing positions. Companies understand that psychology has a great impact on the fate of the organization. In fact, the ones that know how psychology works in the business world are the ones that are a mile ahead from the competition.

Social Service Specialists

Social service specialist is another career path that a psychology graduate can embark on. The main job of this position is to provide support and counseling to the people in need. Usually, non-profit organizations and government institutions are hiring psychology graduates for this job. It also provides work experience in a clinical setting for those who want to pursue a higher degree in psychology such as master’s degree and doctorate program.


A psychology graduate is not only suitable for jobs in different fields, he/she can also be a great teacher. A psychology degree is a good foundation of a teaching profession. It teaches how to understand others – a skill important in teaching. If you are a psychology graduate, you can easily handle the diversity in the class. And most importantly, you know how to deal with every student’s needs.


Because a psychology student is bombarded with research writing subjects, students are equipped with writing skills. Those writing skills can be a ticket to glamorous careers such as technical writer, copywriter, and even a newspaper writer.

What Can I Do with A Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology?

Many people think that a psychology degree is simply a waste of time and money. They don’t believe in the value of the program. But the truth is that psychology degree is as important as other college programs. In fact, a psychology graduate does not have to be working in a psychology-related job. He can work on any job. As long as there are corporations out there managed and controlled by people and not robots, a psychology graduate has a limitless career path.