What Time Of Day Do Students Learn Best

What time of day do students learn best?

What Time Of Day Do Students Learn Best

Many of the students (this may include you) tend to study any time of the day. This usually happens especially when deadline and exams are fast approaching.

Unfortunately, everything has its own time. Like studying, there is a specific time of day that your brain is more productive. But when?

Studies conducted by Dr. Jane Oakhill found that a time of day has a significant impact on memory. Yes, that’s correct. Dr. Oakhill found out that studying in the morning is more effective than doing it in the afternoon.

The reason for this is that our brain processes two types of memory: Declarative and Semantic. The first type pertains to our ability to remember information such as names, places, dates, facts, etc.

On the other hand, semantic memory pertains to the brain’s ability to integrate the old information with the new ones.

What the result really means is that if you are planning to study your lesson, you may want to do it in the morning rather than in the afternoon.

When I was a student, I love reading my notes in the morning. It seemed to me that everything was easy. I could easily remember the information I wanted to memorize.

But although there is a scientific evidence on this regard, it may not work to all students or people. So what time of day do students learn best?

The answer is it depends. This is because everyone has the different daily routine. Some are morning people while others are evening people.

So different people tend to have a different level of energy at any given time of the day.

With that said, my suggestion is that if you are more active in the morning, then you may study early.

But if you think that you are more active during the evening, then you may study your lessons in the evening.

Unless necessary, don’t force yourself to study in times when you are not productive. Bee wise in spending your energy.

However, both strategies have several distinct benefits. For instance, if you study in the morning, your mind has just refreshed itself. This means that you will be able to grasp the information you want to understand and remember.

In addition, in the morning, you’ll enjoy the natural light that is healthy for your eyes.

Studying during the evening, on the other hand, may also have some benefits. In the evening, you are free from distractions. The surroundings would be quiet. The calm environment allows you to think faster and clearer.

The main point here is that you need to determine what type of studier are you. Being able to know what time of day you are most productive gives you the ability to do and succeed more.

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