What Type Of Treatment Is Available For Anxiety Disorders

What type of treatment is available for anxiety disorders?

What Type Of Treatment Is Available For Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorders are some of the serious mental issues. These conditions greatly affect an individual’s functioning. It disrupts your ability to do your daily routine and even family relationships.

So what type of treatment is available for anxiety disorders? Well, there are several types of treatments being used for anxiety disorders. However, mental health professionals use the following techniques depending on the situation.

The Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy or CBT

The Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy is a psychological approach in treating anxiety disorders. It aims to correct problematic behavioral and thinking patterns. This treatment process aims to:

  • Help people to identify their thinking patterns
  • Guide people to develop realistic goals
  • Help people manage their symptoms
  • Help people develop their confidence in everything they do

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy is commonly used for anxiety disorders. However, in most cases, CBT is combined with medical treatments to make it more effective.


Medication is a universal description of all types of drugs being used to treat mental disorders. These drugs are psycho-pharmaceutical often prescribed by the psychiatrists.

However, in most cases, psychiatrists do not solely rely on drugs in treating their clients. Medication often accompanied by counseling and other psychological interventions.


Counseling is basically the application of several psychological concepts and theories to help solve the clients’ mental issues.

The basic premise is that psychological problems stem from a faulty pattern of thinking. During counseling sessions, the therapists listen to the clients’ stories.

The therapist’s job is not to change a person’s line of thinking but to help a person to realize their capability to make right decisions for their lives.

Most counseling techniques being used to treat anxiety disorders are CBT, narrative, and solution-focused therapy.

Eclectic Approach

An eclectic approach is a combination of several psychological treatments. Oftentimes, psychotherapists combine psychotherapy and cognitive-behavioral, hypnotherapy and relaxation therapy.

The eclectic technique is essentially the “techniques in one.” Is this necessary? Well, anxiety disorder is a more complex than one might think. So using the combination of techniques can be helpful.

Social Support

Social support is not a type of psychological intervention but it is a fundamental component of the treatment process. The family may have so much to contribute to the person’s psychological health. The treatment process can be faster if a person has good social support.

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