What does Your Butt Shape reveal about Your Personality?

It sounds funny. But physical attributes and your little actions reveal a piece of your inner world. For instance, some studies found that nail-biting reveals anxiety. In effect, a person who often engages in this behavior may have an anxious personality trait.

Behaviors are indicators of personality traits. However, we know little about the association between physical structures and personality.

For instance, the shapes of your behind may reveal something about your personality. That is right. You can somehow assess a person’s personality by just examining the shape of his/her behind.

But what your butt shape reveals about your personality?

There are many shapes of butt. People may have muscular, somewhat muscular, and big round bottom. These shapes may reveal personality traits:

1. Very Muscular

People who have very muscular butt tend to have a high dedication to maintain and develop good physical appearance. If you are one of those people, it means that you value your physical appearance.

2. Somewhat Muscular

This may imply that you are still working to develop a beautiful butt. You are still in the process of shaping it. In contrast, it may also mean that you lack self-discipline. You may not spend a tremendous effort to achieve such physical goal.

3. Big and Round

If you have this kind of butt, it may imply that you are a confident and happy person. You know that you are physically attractive and outgoing. You love interacting with others than alone.

This trivia about your physical attribute and your personality traits may be true at some degree. However, this lacks scientific evidence. Thus, personally, I can only view this as an assumption for now.

But one thing is for sure though. Having a fit and socially-conformed physical attributes could boost confidence.

Now that you know what your butt shape reveals about your personality, it is up to you believe it or not. You can improve your physical attributes and make them better.