Bad Work Habit That Could Kill Your Well-being

Industrious employees are praised in workplaces. Your boss and the company will be more than happy when you devote your time and energy to achieve their goal.

However, focusing so much on your career may detriment the other aspect of your life. Work is not the only thing that needs your attention and energy.

Your private life is more important than your career. You need a break. Spending your whole time on your work will make you less happy.

One study suggests that being unable to spend time for a break will make you unproductive. Your energy and well-being suffer.

One of the signs that you were unable to separate your work from your private life is when you still work at home.

Some people spend their weekends on checking and responding emails. They sit in front of their laptop the whole day. Why? Because they need to.

But the study says that it is not a healthy work habit. It affects happiness. People who do this usually feel tired and unmotivated even on the first day of the week.

Weekends are for leisure activities and relaxations. It is a perfect time to involve in physical activities like sports and hobbies.

Doing something unrelated to a daily job is a way of refreshing your energy and mental focus. Physical activities are good ways to regain physical and psychological health.

The researchers headed by Dr. Ariane Wepfer concluded:

” Employees who integrated work into their non-work life reported being more exhausted because they recovered less.

This lack of recovery activities furthermore explains why people who integrate their work into the rest of their lives have a lower sense of well-being.”

The study reminds me of my own work habit. As a teacher, I spend most of my time at the university. And on weekends, instead of attending to my personal matters, I still have to do the work I brought home.

As a result, on the first day of the week, I feel exhausted even before my first class.

As I write this article, I realized that I should be rearranged my work habit. I should build a boundary between my work and my personal life. Integrating work and personal life simply impair well-being.

The authors have suggestions for companies:

” Organizational policy and culture should be adjusted to help employees manage their work-non-work boundaries in a way that does not impair their well-being. After all, impaired well-being goes hand in hand with reduced productivity and reduced creativity. “

If you are working almost seven days a week, your cognitive and physical ability reduced. The productivity will then suffer.

However, giving yourself (employees) a break will help you (them) gain renewed focus and vigor once again.

If this article reminds your own work habit, it means that you should reshape your routine.

Let us leave our work and spend memorable time with our family during weekends. It is our duty to take care of our physical and psychological health.

Separate your work life from your personal life. Build a boundary. Build it now!